UGREEN Debuts Its MagSafe 10,000mAh Battery Pack: A Synthesis of Power and Portability

UGREEN, a frontrunner in the domain of electronic accessories and gadgets, proudly unveils its newest addition to their product lineup – the UGREEN MagSafe 10,000mAh Battery Pack with an incorporated Foldable Kickstand. This groundbreaking portable charger seamlessly blends power, convenience, and innovation, reshaping the paradigm of mobile charging for the digitally-driven consumer. It’s now up for grabs for $69.99/£49.99 on both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Dynamic Charging with Threefold Power:

The UGREEN magnetic power bank, designed with modern minimalism, comes packed with a hefty 10,000mAh, ensuring uninterrupted power for an entire day. Beyond its capacity, its multifaceted utility allows users to charge three devices concurrently, be it smartphones, tablets, or other USB-powered devices. The power bank encompasses an array of charging solutions: 15W wireless, 22.5W USB-A PD, and 20W USB-C, making it the only charging companion you need.

Ultra-Rapid Charging Ensures Constant Connectivity:

With the UGREEN power bank, speed is of the essence. Crafted with state-of-the-art magnetic suction technology and an exceptional wireless panel, it guarantees optimal alignment for consistent, non-interruptive charging. This high-speed device can rev up an iPhone 14 Pro from a complete drain to 60% in a mere half-hour when wired. To add to its efficacy, the 20W input ensures that the power bank itself is always prepped for use.

Safety First, Without Compromises:

Designed with utmost precision, the power bank integrates a sophisticated safety mechanism to safeguard your devices from potential issues like overcurrent, overvoltage, short-circuits, or overheating. Moreover, its flight-friendly composition ensures you’re powered up, even 30,000 feet above ground.

True Plug-and-Play Experience:

UGREEN’s MagSafe Battery Pack redefines user-friendly charging. To juice up, simply snap it onto the back of a mobile (bare or with a magnetic case) and let it work its magic. Its intuitive LED indicator aids in tracking the residual charge, so you’re never caught off guard. Slim and elegantly designed, it’s the perfect travel buddy. The foldable kickstand accentuates its functionality, allowing users to set their phones in both portrait and landscape orientations, making binge-watching or video calls a breeze.

Universal Compatibility for All:

UGREEN’s MagSafe Battery Pack is meticulously crafted to be a universal charging ally. It’s magnetically compatible with a plethora of smartphones and tablets, from the iPhone 14, 13, 12 series to devices like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPad Pro 2021. For the best charging outcome, a magnetic or case-free device is recommended.

Grab Yours Now!: Dive into the future of mobile charging. The UGREEN MagSafe 10,000mAh Battery Pack with Foldable Kickstand is now available at $69.99/£49.99 on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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