Ugreen Unveils Nexode 100W GaN Charging Station with MagSafe Compatibility

Ugreen has officially introduced the Nexode 100W GaN Charging Station, a cutting-edge charging solution for the modern tech user. The device has been designed with versatility and portability in mind, measuring a compact 92 x 60 x 60 mm. Available for £179.99 on Amazon UK, Amazon US, and the Ugreen website, this station offers a … Read more

Anker SOLIX X1 Home Energy Solution: Redefining Power Energy Independence

‍Innovation in home energy solutions has taken a leap forward with the introduction of the Anker SOLIX X1 Home Energy Solution. Anker, the global leader in charging technology, has unveiled this flagship product as part of their new brand, Anker SOLIX. With its cutting-edge design and advanced features, the Anker SOLIX X1 is redefining the … Read more

Kingston XS1000 External SSD Review: A Tiny and Affordable Storage Solution for Tech Enthusiasts

If you’re in need of a compact and pocket-friendly external SSD, the Kingston XS1000 is an excellent choice. This tiny storage device offers convenience, affordability, and impressive performance for tech enthusiasts and everyday consumers alike. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the design, specifications, performance, price, and alternatives of the Kingston XS1000 External SSD. … Read more

Ugreen Nexode 300W GaN Desktop Charger: A Comprehensive Review

The Ugreen Nexode 300W GaN Desktop Charger is a powerful and versatile charging solution designed to cater to the needs of users with multiple devices. With its advanced technology, compact design, and multiple-device charging capabilities, this charger is perfect for anyone looking for a faster, more efficient way to keep their gadgets juiced up. Specifications … Read more

Technaxx Solar Table Power Plant – 400W Solar Panel built into a table launched at IFA 2023

Today, I’m diving into the Technaxx Solar Table Power Plant, a product that aims to merge functionality with sustainability. At first glance, it’s a stylish piece of outdoor furniture, but look a bit closer and you’ll find it’s a lot more than that. This table is designed to harness solar energy, turning your garden or … Read more

BLUETTI EP500 Pro Power Station Available Now for £4999

With a remarkable decade-long journey in pioneering green energy storage solutions, BLUETTI is proud to unveil its newest innovation – the EP500Pro Power Station. This state-of-the-art power station represents a quantum leap in portable energy solutions, crafted to redefine the paradigms of power accessibility and convenience. Now available for purchase on the BLUETTI website at … Read more

UGREEN Debuts Its MagSafe 10,000mAh Battery Pack: A Synthesis of Power and Portability

UGREEN, a frontrunner in the domain of electronic accessories and gadgets, proudly unveils its newest addition to their product lineup – the UGREEN MagSafe 10,000mAh Battery Pack with an incorporated Foldable Kickstand. This groundbreaking portable charger seamlessly blends power, convenience, and innovation, reshaping the paradigm of mobile charging for the digitally-driven consumer. It’s now up … Read more

Anker Prime 12000mAh Power Bank (130W) Review

Released at the beginning of August, the Anker Prime 12000mAh Power Bank (130W) is one of several new entrants in the Anker Prime lineup. A distinctive feature of these new power banks is the smart display, a novelty first introduced in the Anker 737 model. This display provides real-time feedback on input/output and available capacity. … Read more