Yooatom Unveils the World’s First Smart Modular Portable Power Station at CES 2024

Yooatom, a pioneer in smart energy storage, is set to unveil the world’s first swappable modular power station, the Origin 800, at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This innovative device, which was initially introduced on Indiegogo earlier this year, offers a unique stackable, customizable, and expandable design that can be easily managed with voice controls and a powerful app. The Origin 800 represents a significant shift in innovation within the portable energy industry, and CES attendees are invited to experience it firsthand at Yooatom’s booth.

A Vision for Modular Power

Yooatom’s CEO and Founder, Joe Lin, expressed the company’s vision to empower everyone, everywhere, anytime through the creation of sharable modular power stations. The modular design approach allows the power stations to be divided into flexible, expandable, and easily shared modules, helping users adopt greener energy solutions.

Endless Power and Customization

The Origin 800 is designed to cater to modern lifestyles, providing power solutions for families, adventurers, content creators, and more. Users can simply grab one of the standalone power banks, capable of charging multiple devices, and swap it for a fresh one when power runs low. This system liberates users from the constraints of stationary power sources and allows them to create “energy vaults” by stacking Yooatom Power Stacks and combining them with Yooatom Power Docks.

Intelligent Energy Management

The Origin 800 offers more than just power solutions; it intelligently empowers users to customize their energy supply to suit their needs while monitoring the supply effortlessly from their smart device or home appliance. Yooatom hopes this will promote the use of cleaner energies.

Modular Design and Functionality

Currently, Yooatom offers three distinct modules that can be stacked on each Power Stack (battery), providing expandable and customizable functionality. The Power Dock, when set atop the battery, adds four 18W USB-A ports, one 60W USB-C port, and a 10W wireless charging platform, serving as a versatile output extension for smartphones. The Cooling and Heating module rapidly chills to 32°F (0°C) or heats to 140°F (60°C) within minutes, doubling as a portable micro-fridge and heater. The Lamp module provides 360-degree lighting, perfect for camping or emergencies. All modules are controllable through a user-friendly app, allowing real-time monitoring and voice commands for seamless power management.

Commitment to Green Energy

Founded in 2020, Yooatom is dedicated to pioneering green energy experiences and continues to set benchmarks in the energy storage industry with its innovative products that make it easier to choose green energy alternatives. The Origin 800 stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering safe, portable, and groundbreaking solutions for diverse applications.

Origin 800 Technical Specifications

  • AI Voice assistance for effortless hands-free control and convenience
  • Endless power by swapping batteries
  • 5 ways to recharge, including solar
  • Modular design & wireless charging eliminates the hassle of cords
  • 13 output ports to accommodate all charging needs
  • LCD screen for easy and intuitive charge monitoring
  • Expandable power capacity up to 720W (225K mAh)

Experience the Origin 800 at CES 2024

CES attendees can experience firsthand how this innovation revolutionizes the concept of portable power and are invited to explore the Yooatom booth (Westgate Hall, Tech East, #731-733) for live demos and a hands-on experience with the Origin 800.

The Origin 800 MSRP starts at $519 and will be available on the Yooatom website.

Full Specification

Battery TypeLiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Life Cycles2500+ Cycles to 80% Original capacity
ManagementBMS, MPPT Controller, etc
Inverter TypePure Sine Wave
Surge Power1600W
AC Outputs800W
USB-A Outputs18W
USB-C Outputs100W
Wireless Charging Pad10W
DC Outputs130W
AC Input100W (USB-C)
Solar Input200W max
Car Input130W
USB-C InputTwo-Way 100W
Max Input400W (Solar 200W + AC 100W + USB-C 100W)
AC Adapter Recharge Time7.6 hours
Solar Recharge TimeApprox 4 hours (with sufficient sunlight)
Car Recharge Time5.8 hours
Max Input Recharge Time1.9 hours (2x USB-C, Solar Input)
USB-C Recharge Time7.6 hours

About Yooatom

Yooatom is a pioneering company dedicated to enabling smart energy storage solutions. With a focus on safety, portability, and cutting-edge technologies, Yooatom aims to redefine the way power is harnessed and utilized in various industries. For more information, go to www.yooatom.com.

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