Anker Prime Chargers and Power Banks Launched – Including Anker Prime 27,650mAh Power Bank (250W)

This week, Anker launched their latest chargers and power banks as they continue to innovate in this competitive market.

Anker launched seven new products, many of which are unrivalled by competing brands:

New Products Launched

 Anker Prime 67-Watt Wall Charger

This compact marvel is a game-changer. It’s our most portable charger to date, capable of powering up your 14-inch MacBook Pro. Its diminutive size allows it to easily slip into your front pocket or be tossed into a small handbag without any inconvenience.

Anker Prime 100-Watt Wall Charger

This is the titan of chargers. Equipped with three ports, it has the capacity to charge both your MacBook Pro and iPad Pro concurrently. Its size is significantly smaller than Apple’s 96-watt charger, making it a breeze to transport.

Anker Prime 240-Watt Desktop Charger

The 240-Watt Desktop Charger is the ultimate companion for your office. This multi-port charger can effortlessly manage two MacBooks, an iPhone, and an iPad all simultaneously.

Anker Prime 200-Watt Power Bank

This Power Bank supports a total output of 200-Watt and an input of 100-Watt, enabling it to recharge fully in a mere 50 minutes! The 735 model also boasts a 20,000mAh capacity and a digital display for easy monitoring.

Anker Prime 130-Watt Power Bank

This Power Bank provides 65-Watt fast charging for both input and output, and comes equipped with 2x USB-C ports for added convenience.

Anker Prime 250-Watt Power Bank

This is our ‘forgot to charge’ proof Power Bank. It features a smart digital display and offers a substantial 27,650 mAh and 250 watts of power output. It’s also compatible with the Anker app, allowing you to monitor the charging process and locate the power bank via Bluetooth. The wireless charging stand is sold separately, but can also be purchased as part of a bundle! (This product will be launching later in the UK.)

Wireless 100-Watt Charging Stand

Our wireless charging stand ensures a neat and tidy charging area. It’s compatible with all of the above Power Banks! Additionally, it comes with three extra USB ports, enabling you to charge even more of your devices simultaneously.

Anker Prime Lineup

Product NameMax Total OutputPort
Anker Prime 240-watt GaN Desktop Charger240W3 USB-C 1 USB-A
Anker Prime 250-watt Power Bank250W2 USB-C 1 USB-A
Anker Prime 67-watt GaN Wall Charger67W2 USB-C 1 USB-A
Anker Prime 100-watt GaN Wall Charger100W2 USB-C 1 USB-A
Anker Prime 130-watt Power Bank130W2 USB-C
Anker Prime 200-watt Power Bank200W2 USB-C 1 USB-A
Wireless 100-watt Charging Base100W2 USB-C 1 USB-A 1 Pogo Pin

Price and Availability

Availability and pricing of Anker Prime lineup is listed below. Most products will be available for purchase as of today in the UK on and

The 240-watt charger will be available with “coming soon”.

The 250-watt Power Bank will be available with “coming soon”.

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